It’s me!

Hi fellow sewers,

I am Maddie, aka Thimble Bee. This is my very first post and I’m honestly a bit daunted. I used to blog for a lovely company called Rose Honick and make DIY posts using their gorgeous hand printed fabric (heart-eyes). But, I am soon graduating from university and thought it’s time I better start standing on my own two feet. So here I am!

As a sewer I adore vintage clothes and I am continually attempting to mix the modern with the old, for a very original style. I believe that sewing is a way to be entirely unique and I love being able to walk out my door knowing no-one else is going to be wearing what I am.

The main reason I am starting this blog is to let the world know of my adventures/horrors of going through the Sew My Style project. This is a fabulous project all about raising awareness for the slow fashion movement,where you sew one thing a month, but at the end of the year I will end up with a drop-dead fabulous capsule wardrobe, and honestly, what’s better than that?


Along with the Sew My Style Project, I have also set myself the challenge of completing my Make Nine list (which can be seen below). These are patterns which are not part of the other project but I have been wantingly-staring at for a long time, so hopefully I can find time to make all of those too.


So that my itinerary for the year, what are your plans?

7 thoughts on “It’s me!

    1. Heya! It’s a Megan Nielsen pattern it’s to die for 😍 also I did one of my take nines, it was a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top, my most recent post πŸ™‚ xx


      1. I just spotted it! I have to have that pattern, a simplicity skort I made pre blogging got worn to death last summer – I can just imagine yours in amazing jazzy African waxed fabric!


  1. Good luck! I’m also doing the Sew My Style project, my fabric is drying for the first! You’ve inspired me to do a board of other things to make so watch the space x


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