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Preparation for Sew My Style

Hi all,

I’m super excited to get started on my Toaster Sweater #2. I’m using a gorgeous Red Viscose Jersey with 20% stretch for mine (currently being washed). Here’s a sneak peak of it here and here is the link:

My fabric from Fabric Godmother, photo credit goes to her. 

But, I have a confession to make. I have seen looking at the projects for each month and honestly, not all of them are quite me. After all, I am a student on a tight budget, and I can’t really afford to be making things which I don’t absolutely love.

But, for consistencies sake, those months I am changing, I am going to do something similar. For example, the Bridgetown dress I will replace with another dress. Also, I have checked I can do this and I will still be posting all my makes on the last Sunday of every month.

So, here’s my refreshed itinerary for my Sew My Style project.

January – Toaster Sweater #2

February – Named Clothing Saunio Cardigan

March – Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings

April – I AM Patterns Cassiopee 

May – A self drafted Skirt (eeeekk!!!!)

June – Megan Nielsen Briar Tee and Sweater

July – Named Clothing Keana Piped Blouse

August – Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges Dress

September – Named Clothing Yona Wrap Coat

October – Cali Fay Hampshire Trouser

November – By Hand London Kim Dress

December – Named Clothing pattern to be announced.


What are your plans for the Sewing My Style Project?

Happy Sewing x


photo of fabric taken from do not claim it do be product of my own work.

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