My Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top.

Hi there,

this is my first make of 2017 as I’ve been super busy with University exams, but it’s so good to be sewing again.

For Christmas Santa brought me the Agnes online workshop from Tilly and the Buttons, seeing as I am a completely self-taught sewer I was very grateful for some guidance.

Jersey was always one of those things which completely and utterly scared me. But, after investing in a walking foot (would highly recommend doing this) and figuring out how to attach it to my sewing machine, for some reason Janome refuse to give any instructions on this matter. I was good to go.

And with my fabric from Charlee Girl all cut out, I delved into the world of Tilly and the Buttons workshops, only to return a new and a wiser sewer.

I had a few hiccups along the way – it took me three times to attach the neckband – but all turned out well in the end, and I’m looking forward to making the next one.

Anyway, here’s me in my fabulous new top! ✂✂✂

P.s. the next blog is going to be a DIY one, so watch this space 

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