my Cleo dungaree dress.

Hi guys,

it’s been a while, University has started again and all of my friends seem to be having their birthdays so I’ve been forced out partying pretty much every weekend (how selfish of them).

But even though I’ve been pretty busy I’ve still managed to get in a few moments of sewing in. The product of those few moments is one beautiful Cleo dungaree dress.

If you haven’t heard of this pattern, it’s by Tilly and the Buttons, you really should go check it out, it’s been all over my Instagram since it’s release and I can’t quite believe it’s taken me this long to make one.

So, as soon as I could justify treating myself to the pattern and buckles, both brought directly from the Tilly and the Buttons website, I got myself down to my local fabric shop and got some thick burgundy cord (it’s seriously fabulous).

But, just before I started sewing, some bias binding (literally) fell into my lap out of my haberdashery box, and it was PERFECT for finishing the insides. So, armed with my bias binding, fabulous fabric and sharpened scissors, I started making and I just couldn’t stop.

Here is the finished product:

and here is me modelling (I belong on a catwalk somewhere) the dress: 

(Also check out how cool my parents wall is, definitely going to be using it more)

So let me know what you think in the comments section below! 

Happy Sewing x 

P.s. anything you’d guys like to see me post about? 

One thought on “my Cleo dungaree dress.

  1. I love the bias-binding! I’ve left my Cleo dresses finished with a serger on the inside but I might have to go back to them armed with some bias-binding because that looks fantastic, takes the Cleo up a whole other level.


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