A Marthe Blouse.

Hello there,

So the year is rapidly going by, or am I the only one feeling like this? And my sewing mojo is in full swing.

I recently treated myself to buying some Rifle Paper Co. + Cotton and Steel fabric from The Crafty Mastermind. I had my eye on this fabric for a while, and after a horrible day at Uni I thought I needed a little bit of  a pick-me-up, so I got 1.5m of it.

After staring at my fabric for a long time I still couldn’t decide what I wanted to make, but what I did know was that I wanted it to be something I could wear in all seasons. So, I went to my trusty Republique Du Chiffon Marthe Blouse pattern.

But to add a little something extra to my top, so, I cut out a ‘V’ shape out out of the back and attached silky bias binding as a tie, so I ended up with a little lovely bow.

When I finished it, I (for unknown some reason) immediately regretted my decision, I didn’t really like what I had produced. This was rather odd as I’ve made this pattern many times before and it’s been a constant favourite. But, I wore it out that night to a dinner I went to with a few friends, and I think I might like it now, but not completely love, I hope this will change.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me trying to look cheerful about my top. What do you think?


and here is a pic of the back I hacked.



Let me know what you think of my (very) basic hack!

Happy Sewing


p.s. don’t judge me for the very dull pictures, they were taken in a university student garden, as this was the most glamorous corner I could find.

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