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The Third Sew My Style Challenge

Hi there,

So for this month’s sewing challenge it was to make a pair of Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings. As a person I don’t wear leggings too much, but I do own a few pairs and I appreciate that on some days I need the comfort of them. So I thought that this pattern was the perfect thing to strengthen my skills as a sewer and to try new things.

Because the whole idea of this challenge is to eventually gain a capsule wardrobe of your own, with items that you can wear every day, I decided to be boring and go with black fabric. The fabric I chose was from Fabricland and its originally used as a type of jersey lining fabric, but I thought they’d make a lovely pair of light-weight leggings with plenty of stretch.

When I started sewing I was surprised at how simple they were to whip up! I had them from the cutting board to on my body in less than two hours (and I was particularly happy to find that there was a petite line).

So I quickly finished them with basically no hitches and was out the door and onto Brighton beach to enjoy the sun.

Check me out below (ft. the wonderful Brighton Pier):

It was windy and my t-shirt/hair was not complying.

I am super in love with this pattern and am looking to make some black and white gingham/checkered ones soon (any one got any suggestions for fabric? or any other patterns which may look cool?).

Hope you enjoyed.

Happy sewing x

p.s. when I got home I realised how cute they looked with my little trainers, am I right, or am I right?


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