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Day trip out with my new dress (plus another human).

Hi guys,

sorry the posts have been somewhat sporadic in nature – the dissertation is getting the best of me. However, I have found time to do a little sewing, including making a little darling dress for me to feel rather fabulous in.

The dress is (another, I know, I’m obsessed) Republique Du Chiffon Marthe blouse, but the sleeves have been shortened and the ‘peplum’ bit was just extended to the length I needed it to be for me to wear it as a dress and protect my dignity, so it was a little over double for my 5ft stature.

The fabric I used is a lovely lightweight cotton from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton (also online) and it was such a dreamboat to sew with. All edges were finished with bias binding, and I found a lovely vintage daisy button for the fastening at the back of the neckline. But, TOP TIP, with this pattern, there is actually no need to have a fastening, as the neckline is big enough for your head to get through anyway, so unless you have an large head (which is full of lots of brains, I presume) you can miss out that step.


So after the completion of my newest dress I dragged a friend out and had a little day trip in sunny Brighton.

First of all I found a guy to serenade me with his violin, after seeing me in my dress he did his best to woo me, but ultimately failed and I left him broken-hearted.


Next, I found some very typical Brightonian (that’s a word, I swear) graffiti and thought it could be a good background to contrast a very girly dress. So I rocked a few poses, pretending I hadn’t done some very odd acrobatics to get over the bike and actually get to the wall.

After the o-so-professional fashion shoot against this backdrop I next treated the dress to being ft. in a black and white photobooth picture with my gal, after all, everything looks better in black and white, right? (also check out my sassy side-eye in the first picture)


After that I stumbled across a wall which would read a book to me, how cool is that? Then we went on and rounded off the day with a bite to eat.

So after a tiresome day of wondering around Brighton, we headed home and now my newest treasure hangs in my wardrobe.

Hope you enjoyed my little adventure.

Happy Sewing




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