I’m back!

So guys,

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from the blogging world whilst I was finishing my degree, but now it’s done, so I’m back! I’m going to be taking a little time to really enjoy some slow sewing as well as trying to find a job, but most importantly – going on a few short breaks.

So, I thought i’d just do a blog to let you know what has been happening in my life and what to expect in the next few months, also there a few questions I want to ask, so keep tuned!

Weirdly, even though I’ve been practically living at the university library for the past couple of weeks, a few things have been happening! First of all, and probably the biggest thing, is that I won ALL By Hand London dressmaking patterns through an instagram competition. All we had to do was to comment on their post saying why you got into sewing, and apparently, they liked my response! Needless to say, I was overjoyed by this prize as there were about 5 patterns of theirs that I was going to purchase soon, but now I don’t need to. Also, BHL did their own post on this competition, and you can see my entry, and all others here. Along with winning this astonishing prize I attended a launch party for a crafty company called Ellbie Co yesterday and got the opportunity to make this tassel necklace which I feel will be constant rotation during summer.


Even though I’ve taken a break from the blogging world, I haven’t stopped sewing, and here are the things I’ve made that are yet to be blogged, so you’ve got a few things to look forward to. Here you can see (from left to right), a new cleo, a saunio cardigan turned jacket and a peplum top (both in middle pic, and in the last picture you can see my first coco.

As well as making these lovely bits of clothing, I have really got into bullet journalling. I have been aware of this type of journalling for a while now, but never thought I had the imagination to manipulate it in order to incorporate my everyday life with the addition of sewing. This was until I saw The Fold Line blog post about it. They had some great ideas, so I thought i’d give it a go. Here are some examples of my pages (i’ve only just started so be kind). Also, if any of you know of any bujo inspo instagrams/blogs then hit me up!

Now, onto the more exciting part of today’s blog post, this is all about the things you can expect from me! If you look at the left picture of my bujo you can see i’ve drawn (very simplistically) some of the things I aim to make by the end of this month. I’ve got two pairs of MN Flint pants planned, one will be a pair of gingham shorts, the other a long pair of spotty culottes, both fabrics from Minerva crafts. The other thing I’m super excited to make is a BHL Sarah Shirt turned into a dress following Elisalex’s blog post she did telling you how to do it

Right, this is the bit where I ask some advice, soon I am going home to London and my photographer is staying in Brighton, so I was thinking of purchasing a camera with some sort of tripod set up. Can anyone recommend me any products that I can use as a one-woman show? Also, just one other question, I am also a bit of a crocheter, so I was just wondering if anyone was interested in seeing what I make or not?

anyway, that’s it for now, GOD it feels good to be back.

Happy Sewing


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Congrats on graduating! I would recommend watching withwendy’s video on her bullet journal. She has an awesome method for planning her projects. Look forward to seeing your next makes!


  2. Hi! Glad you’re back! I don’t know much about cameras so can’t be much help there, but we have a gorilla tripod for our camera which is great for taking pics out and about with.
    And yes, would love to see your crochet!


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