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Me-made May

Hi guys!

So this year was my first year partaking in me-made may. Me-made may is a challenge set up every year by the lovely Zoe of ‘So, Zo… What do you know?‘, with the aim to make sewers aware what holes are in their wardrobe and to be really conscious about what clothes we wear and maybe encourage you to re-fashion/mend clothes in order for you to wear them more. But the main idea is that you learn to fall in love with those clothes that you’ve made.

In order to do this, you make a vow, that you strive to keep throughout the whole of May.

My vow was ‘I, Thimble Bee, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear at least one piece of me-made clothing every other day for the duration of May ’17’. And the bits that are in italics, where the bits that I personalised for myself. Every one else did their own pledges to fit how many me-made outfits they have.

So here’s my roundup! A lot of the things I’ve made appeared, like my newest TATB Cleo, Coco and peplum tops, but some were left out as they were made in the winter and far too warm for the current weather.

my favourite outfits were probably my Flora Dress (bottom right), new Cleo and RTW (middle second row) and the look I had on in the picture on the right, middle row picture, there were too many me-made clothes in that one for me to note haha.

Also I realise that here I have recorded only 12 outfits, even though I pledged to have a total of 15, this is because I had my dissertation due in the middle of may, so most of my outfits before then were comfy jeans and shapeless jumpers (I looked great).

What are your favourites?

There are also a couple of things I learnt during this process.

  1. My two Agnes tops were never worn during this process, so I’m going to try and incorporate them into my wardrobe from now on.
  2. I have sewn basically no bottoms/skirts, so I need to get on that, and i’ve started making some Megan Nielsen Flint pants in order to rectify this issue.
  3. I also seem to go for the same silhouettes, i.e. dungarees, loose peplum tops/dresses and loose fitting t-shirts. This WILL change, I have banned myself from making any of these things for the foreseeable future.

But i’d have to say that the main thing i’ve learnt is:

I need to make sure that everything I make is made to last and made to ensure I love it for a long time to come. 

How did your me-made-may go? Did you guys learn anything?

Ciao for now and happy sewing


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