Gingham Flora dress

So, if you’re a living breathing human you would have realised by now that this summer is ALL about gingham. Seriously. Try walking down any high road and I bet you’ll see at least three pieces of gingham clothing – either in shop windows or on the shoppers themselves. And, because it was inevitable that I would join in on this trend (because I’m a sheep, but aren’t we all?) I thought I would do it in the most fabulous way possible; by making a By Hand London Flora faux wrap dress with a half circle skirt.

I’ve already made one Flora dress before but that was the tank top version, so this was somewhat new territory for me. Nevertheless I still made my normal adjustments of an half-inch FBA plus taking an inch off the bodice length, little did I know I would need further adjustments.

The construction of this dress was pretty simple and rather enjoyable, after all, as the saying goes; don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Or, in this case, a dress. Also note my expert pattern matching skills below (feel free to leave praise in the comments below).

IMG_20170605_180425_475 - Copy

Here are some pictures of my lovely gingham masterpiece.

What do you guys think? Here’s a better look.


I think I look great, but as you can see some weird form of bunching up under my cleavage area, I’m not really sure as to why this has happened but I’m going to call it a ‘design feature’. Unfortunately, after I finished the dress I realised I needed to take off some fabric from the back bodice, but oh well, not a massive deal.

So,  even though there were a few issues with the fit it’s turned out to be one of the most loved pieces of clothing in my wardrobe so I regret nothing.

Happy sewing


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