My graduation dress.

So guys, the past couple of months has involved a lot of big life events for me; finishing university, moving back home, turning 21 and finally, graduating! In order to mark the last of these events (graduation) I decided that I would make myself a handmade dress for the occasion, and I decided to make a Flora dress with a Kim dress skirt, both of these patterns are from By Hand London and are in constant rotation on my sewing table. So, in order to make this dress a special one I looked for some fabric in my stash. I came up with this cotton poplin from Fabric Godmother, it is not expensive by any sense of the word, but it looks pretty and matches my beautiful hasbeens so I knew I had to use it, there was just simply no other option.


Now, I’m going to be frankly honest with you guys here, sewing this dress up was a b**ch, for some reason my sewing machine wasn’t working properly, which ended up annoying me and then lead to me making lots of silly mistakes. It was safe to say that my unpicker was worn out my the end of the day. Due to the fact that I was struggling so much with with dress it took me over two days to make, whereas a dress like this usually just takes me one full day to complete. Does anyone else have days like this? Or am I just a fully incompetent sewer?

Anyway, at the end of day two the dress looked something like this:IMG_20170718_172554_866

I was really happy with how the bodice turned out, and all fit issues I’ve had in previous Flora bodices were completely eradicated in this one, so despite all the anger that was incurred during the sewing of this dress, the end result was amazing.

After day two, I decided that I didn’t like the straps how they were but wanted to make them into ties. I managed to do this by sewing some more straps and basically just cutting the current strap in half and then putting the new strap in inside the old one and sewing it all together. It was very crudely done and definitely not my finest work but, I had a busy print so I got away with it.

Anyway, so after day three I finally managed to have a fully completed dress with a waist stay to prevent the skirt from stretching during use. So, the next thing to do was to put it on and wear it out to the graduation (aka one of the best days of my life so far).

Here is a close up of the dress on!


and here are a few snapshots of me and my family on the day.

So it’s safe to say that my journey with this dress hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but my GOD was the anguish worth it for the finished product.

Bye my lovlies



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