Honeycomb Top

Hi everyone,

I have had a looooooooong blogging holiday, it’s been almost a year, this has been for a few reasons. One, I just was way too busy writing blogs for other businesses (including my job) that I just didn’t have time to curate my blog how I wanted it to be, so I just didn’t bother, two, I kept on feeling so unmotivated by social media that I just couldn’t commit long enough to develop a blog post and three, I’m lazy.

BUT here I am, I’ve broken the silence and why may you ask? Well it’s for an absolute beauty of a new pattern, the honeycomb top and dress by Cocowawa Patterns. I am so proud and happy to be able to call Ana a friend of mine and when she released this new pattern I was SO proud of her and basically told everyone I knew that I knew the genius behind the pattern.


This pattern is basically the epitome of the French-Chic style that I’d love to channel more in my wardrobe, but my love for glitter and pattern clashes turns my attempts at looking chic into looking like a trashy 5 year old (but I love it).

The pattern has so many beautiful features which really makes it stand out from the crowd, from the waist ties, to the princess seams, to the simple collar stand. This meant that when I was picking my fabric for the top I wanted to keep it low-key and simple, so I could let the pattern speak for itself. After much deliberation I settled on some lush fabric from Sew Me Sunshine, find it here.


After more deliberation I settled to make the top version, this was because I wanted to be able to wear it season after season, with jeans in winter and with skirts in summer. I think this will be a great piece that has frequent wear.

I sewed my top up during a lovely sewing day at The Village Haberdashery hosted by  Ana herself. The only thing I had a problem with was the panel you should gather, mine wasn’t gathered nearly enough, so I had to unpick and re-cut (but I think this might be due to me chatting away and not paying attention when cutting out – so I’ve decided to blame my friends for this mistake).


I would highly recommend this pattern for anyone looking to stretch their skills, it’s a great way to learn how to sew a collar stand without committing to the whole collar, and it also introduces you to princess seams! If I were to make this pattern again (which is highly likely), I would size down, I went for a size with slightly too much ease for my liking. Yet, that being said, I absolutely love how this top turned out and I am so excited to see what Ana comes up with next!


Big love,

Thimble Bee x

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