Hi there!

My name is Maddie, but I’m also known as the Thimble Bee, I love sewing and dressmaking and spend far too much time doing it and neglecting my other life responsibilities (but aren’t we all guilty of that?)

This year, 2017, I have given myself the challenge of completing the Sew My Style project, where I will be sewing one new thing every month. I hope to blog and let the world know about my sewing adventures.

Along with the Sew My Style project, I will blog about other things I sew in 2017.

Outside of my sewing-world bubble, I am a psychology student, soon to be a graduate (eek!), I also love eating good food, drinking wine, having girly nights in and listening to Otis Redding.

So, please, join me on my whirlwind of an adventure, I promise it’ll be good.